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Little Sucker, Cover Only 5pk

Little Sucker, Cover Only 5pk


Little Sucker Oral Nasal Suction Device - Cover Only

Quantity: 5pk 

Also Available in 1pc, 10pk, 25pk and 50pk

Little Sucker, manufactured by Neotech, are single-handed suctioning Aspirators that are made for preemies and infants. These suction devices feature a soft, flexible tip that is gentle and effective for Pediatric Patients. 

Little Sucker

  • A safe and easy way to keep the Little Sucker clean between use
  • May reduce risk of cross contamination
  • Color helps you quickly locate Little Sucker
  • Shut off suction to reduce noise and save energy
  • Easy to remove for immediate use
  • Can be purchased with Little Sucker or on its own
  • Latex, phthalate (DEHP), BPA free
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