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Little Sucker, Standard with Cover,5pk

Little Sucker, Standard with Cover,5pk


Little Sucker Oral Nasal Suction Device - Standard with Cover

Quantity: 5pk

Also avaliable in 1pc, 5pk, 25pk and 50pk 

Little Sucker, manufactured by Neotech, are single-handed suctioning Aspirators that are made for preemies and infants. These suction devices feature a soft, flexible tip that is gentle and effective for Pediatric Patients. 

These Children's Suction Aspirator barbed connection ends are designed to connect directly to standard Suction Tubing. Little Suckers are designed for one handed suctioning, leaving the other hand free. These Aspirators are latex-free, so that they are suitable for use on those with latex allergies.

Little Sucker

  • A safe and easy way to keep the Little Sucker clean between use
  • May reduce risk of cross contamination
  • Color helps you quickly locate Little Sucker
  • Shut off suction to reduce noise and save energy
  • Easy to remove for immediate use
  • Can be purchased with Little Sucker or on its own
  • Latex, phthalate (DEHP), BPA free

Little Sucker Specifications

  • Neotech Product Number: N204C.
  • Replace Every 24 Hours
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