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Transcend sets Trends

Start a new trend in you life! A trend where you get better quality sleep! Does sleep apena leave you feeling tired, drowsy and does it give you a headache, for years CPAPs and BiPAPs were limited to the comforts of home or the nearest powersource. Travel CPAPs have broken the limits of power sources. 

The Transend Auto CPAP comes with portable batterey capabilites. You can travel pretty much anywhere with the Transcend Auto CPAP not only because its small, lightweight design but because it is F.A.A. approved. F.A.A. approval allows you to take it with you on planes while you travel. 

It also has the ability to travel in extreme conditions, it has been tested in the high altitudes and freezing tempurature of the Himalayas. Taking your cpap on a camping trip or any kind of trip is made easy with the Transcend. 

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